About us - What does not add value, has no value.

Credit Blende Training is the college of choice for Credit Professionals and Sales Practitioners wishing to expand their skills set and add value to the workplace.

19 years since opening its first campus, CBT has matured into a comprehensive adult learning hub for Credit Management, Accounting and associated courses. Our lecturers and course facilitators are hand picked and include some of the best academic minds and Credit professionals in the country, all registered with FASSET and highly respected in their chosen field.

Our course variety grows consistently, remaining relevant for the professional environments of our learners. Our material, lecturers and values are entrenched in education and skills development, and CBT graduates emerge enlightened and equipped to apply learned theory to real-world challenges in their workplace.

At CBT, the teaching style has always been focused on providing a structured but comfortable and nurturing learning environment that supports the career advancement of those working in South Africa’s public and private sector.

CBT also develops tailored courses and customised workshops for companies with specific needs. We have worked with a wide range of organisations, from start ups to SMEs to Blue Chip corporates including Barlows, Sappi, PG Group and Hans Merensky.

CBT’s accreditations have a Level 4 BBBEE rating.

The CBT Story

Credit Blende Training was started by Heather Lawlor in 1998, then a Credit practitioner with experience in facilitating training on a part time basis for various companies as well as some of South Africa’s best-known Management schools.

Heather saw a gap in the sector and went after it, opening her own Credit Management college – Credit Blende Training. It quickly outgrew its premises and moved to a new campus with better facilities in Bedfordview (the Mediterranean Conference Centre). Shortly afterwards, a second campus was opened in the West Rand which later moved to Randburg. Combined, the Bedfordview and Randburg campuses attract an average of 420 student enrolments a year, with a distance learning model available too.

A very successful partnership with SAICA saw CBT introducing new Accounting courses, establishing itself as an internationally-accredited provider.  In 2016, a strategic alliance with ICB saw further courses introduced, including Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

What sets CBT apart from other adult learning colleges in South Africa is the fact that despite its phenomenal growth over the last 18 years, the ethos is still warm, nurturing and focused on upliftment through education.

Heather remains an active participant and facilitator at CBT, drawing on her 42 years’ experience and vast insight in this sector. She is known for her ethical and honest approach, and her unwavering passion for hard work and mentorship of those who want a solid professional future.

Our Late Michael Koukis said: ”Education is the greatest equaliser of humanity.”

The CBT Mission - 18 years later

Credit Blende Training’s roots lie in the training of Credit Professionals in South Africa and this still guides our vision and mission today. We strive to make the discipline of Credit Management more accessible to professionals via a fully fledged business college, offering education to a diverse cross section of adult learners from different socio-economic backgrounds. By developing human capital, we believe we can use education as the catalyst for empowerment and change.

In short, our ethos and approach is about leaving behind a legacy of communities that recognise the true value of education and its role in building a society of prosperous and ethical professionals and businesses.

“The fundamental root to the success of a society lies in its desire and ability to educate.” Heather Lawlor
  • I would like to share my experience I had at Credit Blende Training. It all started in January 2015 when I decided I needed to take my career to the next level. I decided to study Credit Management and I chose CBT. It was a great experience as our lecturer Susan was great, she was helpful and was always willing to go an extra mile to assist me. I was also overwhelmed when we were in Credit 2 and were privileged to be taught by Mrs Heather Lawlor herself, I really enjoyed that course. Themba, our Credit 3 lecturer, was amazing as well. My experience at this college was great. Gerda in the accounts department also deserves a special mention as she always resolved my account queries at any requested time. I would highly recommend this institution for anyone who wishes further themselves. I would rate CBT with 5 stars.  
    Delma Mkhwanazi
  • My journey with CBT was very unexpected – but very fruitful! Within a couple of months, my career life changed from being a “know-it-all” person, to a much more mature, professional and confident person. The Lecturers set such great examples, plus they did not hold back on their years of knowledge – that alone made me realize that our Group has a long road ahead of us with regards to debt collecting. I did not only gain more knowledge, but working with people on a daily basis, as I train many people within our Group, my people skills developed in such a manner that we, as a Credit Control Team became very close, but most importantly, we realized that unity increases power. It is great to know that I built relationships with people who are true Mentors. Overall the journey and the people I met will be treasured within my heart for years to come.
    Rhoda Spangenberg
  • With the assistance of wonderful and committed facilitators and staff all-round I would recommend CBT to anyone interested in bettering themselves in a credit and finance career. I am so excited to complete the Credit 2 exam and move on to credit 3. Distance learning is challenging as is, but without all the CBT staff it would be IMPOSSIBLE!”
    Anzabeth Jacobs
  • I started working for our company in 2012, after being retrenched in 2014, a position opened in our credit department where they then offered me a position due to the retrenchment. I had never worked in this type of environment and was a bit scared to take the position on. I had never done any credits or debits in my life, and was very nervous. My manager gave me the opportunity to study through Credit Blende Training to better my knowledge and to get a better idea of how the industry works. I started with CBT in 2015 with Credit 1, and I am proud to say I am finishing Credit 4 this year (November 2016). I have learned so much and I am 100% confident and comfortable in my position and am even ready to become a Key Credit Controller(as I am currently a junior credit controller). Due to CBT I now have the confidence to grow as a credit professional. I would definitely suggest CBT for any credit training as I have definitely grown not just as a person but as a credit controller as well. All the lecturers are spot on, and the training I was given is of the utmost best. Thank you CBT for giving me the confidence, and helping me become comfortable to move forward as a credit professional
    Monique Joubert
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